Best Natural Quit Smoking Tools With No Side Effects

Most of us would love to quit smoking without side effects. And this includes side effects from most common quit smoking therapies – drugs, NRT, pills, and more. Some of these ‘therapies’ have dangers as bad as smoking itself!

Instead, know that we have a range of natural remedies to help us quit smoking with fewer side effects. From supplements to hypnotherapy, here are just a few of those natural quit smoking remedies in detail.

1. Cold Turkey

We should start our list off with the king of all natural quit smoking methods – quitting cold turkey. The chances of this working go up every time you try, so its always worth the effort. Additionaly, there can be no side effects because you simply put down the cigarette! Well, ok, that’s not totally true as you’ll still suffer from nicotine withdrawal – which brings us to our next natural smoking cessation tool..

2. Herbs

There are a very large number of herbs and plants which have been found helpful in quitting smoking. Some of them alleviate the various side effects, someĀ Smoketools help with healing after quitting, and still others act as quitting aids. Just a few of the various herbs include Bayberry, Eucalyptus, Gentian, Ginger root, Ginseng, Lobelia, Mullein, Peppermint, Skullcap, St john’s wort, Slippery Elm, and others.

3. Prepackaged Herbal Supplements

In addition to the herbs themselves, many companies have taken on the task of creating supplements with various combinations of herbs that produce therapeutic results. Cigarrest and Rx-Hale are two such supplements, and there are others. They claim to reduce side effects and cravings so that you will be more likely to quit. Just keep in mind that with both herbs and supplements – there is still the possibility of risk. Just because they’re natural doesn’t mean they’re guaranteed safe. Always check with a nutritionist to be sure, and communities around the Internet can usually provide their feedback as well.

4. Food

Here is an option that isn’t so obvious – eating food. Now of course, the potential side effect is that you will gain weight. But if you size your portions correctly, there are a great many foods which can reduce your cravings. Some of these include beef, cottage cheese, cold water fish, eggs, lamb, legumes, nuts, poultry, seeds, tofu, and yogurt. Anything which provides good protein will be helpful – just remember to wait 20 minutes after your first serving so that your blood sugar has time to level off.

In addition to reducing craving, so called ‘booster’ foods can help you heal faster. These include garlic for detoxification, Ginger to stimulate food digestion, and Cayenne to both help digestion and improve circulation.

5. Acupuncture

One of the amazing inventions of Chinese culture is very helpful for quitting smoking. A skilled acupuncture therapist can help you reduce cravings, reduce nicotine withdrawal symptoms, keep weight off, reduce any pain, improve circulation, improve energy, reduce mood swings, and much more.

6. Hypnotherapy

Perhaps the most well known smoking cessation system is hypnotherapy. Many people have visions of a magician putting someone to sleep and then lulling them to dance around like a chicken – but this simply isn’t the case. Hypnotherapists put you into a relaxed state at which time they have e direct channel to your subconscious mind. Using this powerful suggestibility, they are able to tear down the triggers and associations which make you crave cigarettes and replace them with healthy alternatives. For those who follow through with treatment, very high success rates are reported with minimal side effects.

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