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Medicare Advantage Plans in Philadelphia, PA

If you live in the Philadelphia Pennsyvania area, there are several great options when searching for an affordable Medicare Plan. Typically, Medicare Advantage Plans offer a very affordable premium, with quality coverage. Depending on the insurance carrier, monthly premiums can range from $0/month to $90/month. Why the difference in premiums? One company might provide a large network of doctors and hospitals, while another carrier might have a much smaller provider list to choose from. There could also be a significant difference in co-pays, from one plan to another. Finally, one plan might offer extras such as eye glasses and dental, while another plan doesn’t.

In Philadelphia, the largest health insurance company is Independence Blue Cross. They have revamped their Medicare Advantage Plans and now offers a plan that, in a very short time, has become an extremely popular choice for Medicare beneficiaries. If you live in Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester, Delaware or Montgomery county, and if you are on Medicare Part A and Part B, you are eligible for this Medicare Advantage plan, called Keystone 65 Select HMO.

Why is this important for residents of Philadelphia and its immediate suburbs? Keystone 65 Select HMO offers exceptional coverage with premiums starting as low as $15/month! This is a Medical Only Plan. If you’re looking for a plan with prescriptions, Keystone 65 Select HMO has that covered as well. The Keystone 65 Select HMO including prescriptions is only $42.10/month! First and foremost, this is comprehensive coverage, with a company that you can trust. This new Keystone 65 Select HMO plan covers many preventive services with no copay at all. Primary care physician visits are covered with a $20 copay, specialist visits have a $45 copay, inpatient hospitalization has a $215 per day copay for days 1-8 with no copays thereafter. Referrals are required for most specialized services, and you must use plan providers except in emergency or urgent care situations.

The very popular Silver Sneakers is automatically included in the Keystone 65 Select HMO plan and offers members a basic gym membership at no additional cost! More than 200 gyms participate in the greater Philadelphia area with many of these gyms offering specialized fitness classes just for Silver Sneakers members. Also, the Keystone Select HMO plan offers the Choice Program, for an additional $10/month. This Choice Program provides preventive dental, an eyewear benefit and a hearing aid benefit.

If you live in the greater Philadelphia area, there are a few iconic brands that are near and dear to us- Tastykake, Gino’s, Rocky, The Mummers, and yes, Independence Blue Cross. Independence Blue Cross is an exceptional health insurance company with a long tradition of providing the highest quality health insurance to its members. Independence Blue Cross has offered Medicare products since the inception of Medicare in 1966, and now covers more than 170,000 Medicare beneficiaries. Its network of doctors and hospitals is extensive, with over 50,000 doctors and 100 hospitals in network. Several factors should be considered when evaluating options for Medicare coverage, including: local company, local service, provider availability, cost, benefits and, of course, individual health needs.

With the Keystone 65 Select HMO, you can have your cake and eat it too- you can have an Independence Blue Cross/Keystone 65 Medicare Advantage plan at a very, very affordable premium. For more information, call (215) 658-1776 or visit our website, mymedicareadvisor.com.

Allen Heffler, CLU, ChFC is President of MyMedicareAdvisor, located in Philadelphia, PA. He specializes in Medicare Plans and can be reached via telephone – (215) 658-1776, or website: http://www.mymedicareadvisor.com.

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