What Could Be Better Than Your Morning Coffee?

Most of us begin our day with the aroma of coffee
brewing. This gives us that jolt to start moving around,
get the old body in gear, and heading out to whatever,
and wherever we have to during this day. Without coffee
many have withdrawal symptoms so even if home
brewed is not an option, coffee houses have sprung
up all over to compensate those who have to pick up
and run with their favorite brew.

If someone told you that there was an even better
wake-up fix that would truly get you on your way to a
marvelous day, would you buy it? What if you were told
it was absolutely free – no money is to be exchanged –
and there is as much as you could possibly want?
Would you consider it? I would bet my bottom dollar
you would, and so would everyone else good morning pictures for whatsapp .

Well, the fix that I’m talking about is ready right there
before you even put one foot onto floor, before you
throw open the curtains, and even before that one
big stretch and yawn. It is saying Good Morning to
God in just those words, simply and without decorative
platitudes and fancy printed words. It is a child waking
up to the presence of their Father and saying Good
Morning and knowing that they are in the best of hands.
You could add whatever additives you desire, such as
what you might be facing today, what you feel you need
and just don’t have at the moment, and even remembering
those you love that are with you or not. It is a private
moment between Father and child. It is a precious
moment between ordinary and great. It is you communicating
with your God and knowing that he brought you through the
night and your steps will be guided throughout your day.
You are His child and you are amazing to Him.

Taking those first moments of wakefulness and giving them
to Him will make all the difference in your world, and it
does in His as well. You will just be able to feel the radiance
of His smile and the warmth of the hug that He offers you
as you pull your body out of bed and slip on those slippers.
You make Him top priority, you turned to Him before anything
or anyone else, and You acknowledged that you are His
no matter what.

Your day will be great and you will notice the difference. Give
it a try – you’ll like it.

How to Select the Best Acoustic Guitar Strings

If you’re new to guitar playing, choosing the best acoustic guitar strings for your instrument can be difficult. There are many brands of guitar strings and they come in a variety of gauges and alloys. Changing the strings on your acoustic guitar regularly ensures that you have the best possible resonance to your sound.

New strings also provide a wonderful rich and bright quality that you may not realize has gradually disappeared as the old strings have worn. Consequently, some acoustic guitarists will replace their strings quite frequently. When faced with the task of buying new strings, here are some things to consider.

The Gauge – Basically, the gauge defines how heavy the string is. Whether you want a heavy or light string will depend on the sound quality you wish to achieve. In other words, a heavy gauge provides a stronger sound and will often sustain the note more effectively.

On the other hand, a lighter gauge offers more flexibility; allowing you to bend a note. Moreover, lighter strings place less stress on the neck of the instrument. Therefore, if you have an old or fragile guitar, a light gauge is probably the best option for you.

Type of Alloy – There are three principal types of alloy: bronze (the most popular), nickel and steel. However, these are divided into subcategories. In other words, there are two types of bronze alloy known as phosphor and 80/20. Obviously, this indicates the chemical mix, which affects the sound of the guitar.

A phosphor bronze alloy is made from copper and has a small percentage of tin. These strings are considered to be longer lasting and some guitarists believe them to have a richer sound.

The 80/20, however, is made from 80% copper and 20% zinc (hence the name). These strings have an incredibly bright sound when they are new, but they tend to lose their luster faster than phosphor strings. Therefore, they are popular among those who like to change strings frequently.

Specialist Strings – As well as the traditional acoustic strings, there is a multitude of specialist strings, which are all designed to improve the durability, sound or playability of the string. Usually, specialist strings are coated in a chemical bond, which improves sound quality and protects the string from wear and tear.

Of course, these strings will come with a higher price tag. Whether they are worth it or not is open to debate. Some guitarists believe that they are indeed worth the extra money, whereas others are happy to continue using the more traditional strings. If you are intrigued by specialist strings and can afford to experiment with them, then it is certainly worth seeing what is on offer.

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to the question “which are the best acoustic guitar strings?” because it will largely depend on personal preference. It is advisable to experiment with different gauges, alloys and manufacturers until you find the strings that produce a sound that you love and that suit your needs.

Are Blogs Reliable As Information Sources?

With all the various information sources available online today many favor blogs as their primary source of news and information online. Free online news has helped to drive the growth of the internet and there is no sign of its popularity slowing. With all the various sources of information available however blogs have gained a reputation for late breaking news. This is due primarily to the fact that blogs are unencumbered concerning the accuracy of what their content contains.

A blog platform typically circumvents the traditional ‘red tape’ that can slow the delivery of news from syndicated sites. This advantage however can also work against a blog since facts may sometimes be distorted. Without any type of regulation in place blog posting sometimes tends to reflect more of the writers opinions. This leads to the question of whether blogs can be viewed as a source of reliable information.

Let’s look at both the pros and cons associated with any news or information that is dispensed from a blog platform as opposed to a regulated news site.


Frequently Updated

A common characteristic of blogs is that they are updated frequently. Most information found on a blog continues to ‘evolve’ due to frequent updating. Syndicated news sites contain information that tends to ‘stagnate’ since updates are far and few in between.

Fast Breaking with News

Lacking the regulations of syndicated sites that slow down the process of dispensing news or information blogs have the ability to reflect ‘real time’ information. This is a major appeal for gathering information from this Site Berita Online Terpercaya .


Being blogs are independent entities allows them to share their insights on the news and information they deliver. These insights can present the information in such a way that may encourage readers to consider certain perspectives they may have otherwise overlooked.


Too Subjective

An unregulated blog platform can easily present information or news that leans heavily towards the authors’ personal opinions or perspective. Too much subjectivity can easily distort the information being delivered decreasing its real value to the reader.


In a haste to ‘rush’ news inaccuracies happen. Being unregulated or unmonitored for news worthiness a certain expectation of unreliability does exist and therefore must be tolerated and expected.

Sometimes Hard to Locate

Where do you start to find the most accurate, objective, and authoritative site? Locating a credible blog site you can rely upon for its accuracy is a time consuming and uncertain task.

The only realistic test for such a site after you have located it is in fact your personal perseverance and time itself.

Upon reviewing the various pros and cons affiliated with using blogs as information sources questions remain as to their reliability. Free online news sites are typically more regulated thereby slowing their delivery of the news itself. On the other hand this also helps to validate these sites as reliable sources of information. In fact the same regulation that may slow news delivery but is absent on blogs is why a typical blog posting may be questioned as reliable information. In the end it appears that many are willing to ‘chance’ the accuracy of their news in order to receive it in a more expedient manner. In a society dominated by an instant gratification mindset this is not all that surprising.

Benefits of Regular Aircon Service

Air conditioner has become a necessity for every home owner and it plays an integral part in the lives of the people. Your air conditioner is responsible for cooling the temperature in your home especially during the summer that is why it is highly essential to provide a regular service for your aircon servicing company unit.

The best way in keeping your aircon unit to run at its peak performance is to have a regular air-con service. Some people have not really realized the significance of having a regular air-con maintenance until they have found out that there is nothing they can do to make their air conditioner to function properly.

Regular air-con servicing has numerous benefits to every air conditioner owners. With regular servicing, one can essentially avoid risking the maximum performance of their unit. Remember that your air conditioner is an essential element in keeping your rooms more comfortable and convenient to stay in that is why having a regular service is essential. One take this maintenance for granted to save money, but later did he know that it will cost him too much.

A maintenance check up allows you to save money because it can improve the efficiency level of your air-conditioner unit. You cannot regularly check on your unit, and you cannot always clean your system. An aircon servicing enables you to save energy bills because you can be assured that your unit will be cleaned. Cleaning the condenser coils of your unit reduces its energy consumptions. Reducing the risk of high repair cost is likewise another benefit brought by servicing. This allows you to save money from any major repairs, and it enables to repair the small problem that occurs inside your unit.

It is essential to remember that every air-conditioner unit is losing its efficiency every year because of regular use. A regular air con servicing makes it possible for your aircon unit to function at its maximum level year after year. Regular servicing essentially increases the performance and the life of your unit. It will significantly serve you for a longer time than having no regular service. The regular unit checks ensure the performance of your air-con unit.

You have to remember the comfort that your air-con unit provides in your home, office, as well as in your school. A regular aircon servicing enables your air conditioner to serve you well for a longer period of time. Regular servicing allows you to recover the efficiency level and performance of your air con unit.

It is true that installment of air conditioner in your home is an investment that is why it is of great importance to take care of your investment.

A regular service gives value to your money and your investment because it essentially prolongs that lifespan of your unit. The comfort that the air-con is providing your homes and offices will be increased, and the efficiency that was lost will always be recovered. Knowing these benefits of having a regular air-con service enables you to enjoy the comfort that it provides your home and family.

WhatsApp Photos, Videos Deleted Accidentally? Here’s How You Can Download Them Again

Whatsapp for Android has added some new features and bug fixes in its latest updates. Earlier, it fixed a timestamp issue found in the WhatsApp beta version 2.18.109. Now, the messaging app has introduced a new feature that lets users download deleted media files. Previously, when users deleted specific files sent over WhatsApp by going to the specific folder on the smartphone, they were not able to download it anymore. But now the Facebook-owned messaging app enables you to download such files as well. Separately, a WhatsApp beta for Android update (v2.18.111) reportedly added the vCard indexing feature.

How to download deleted WhatsApp photos, videos

As per a WABetaInfo report, WhatsApp now allows users to download deleted media, such as images, videos, GIFs, voice messages, and documents, from its servers again. The report said that the feature was introduced in recent updates between version 2.18.106 and 2.18.110. Gadgets 360 has been able to verify the new feature is currently available in the WhatsApp version 2.18.113 on Android. However, the app does not seem to let us download media files that are too old, instead, asking us to send a request to the sender to send the media again.

Interestingly, the new WhatsApp feature also means that the app stores users’ media on its servers even after the files have been downloaded, the report said. Earlier, WhatsApp (http://whatsappstatus7.com/) stored ‘undownloaded’ media files for 30 days and when a user downloaded them, the app used to delete it from the server. However, now, WhatsApp does not seem to delete the data from the server and that enables users to download it again if it was accidentally deleted.

It is worth noting that if you delete a media file from the folder in your smartphone, you need to have the message where the sender sent you the specific file, in order to be able to download it again.

 This information comes amid criticism over data abuse by Facebook. However, WhatsApp had recently informed its users that their data and communications are secured with end-to-end encryption and nobody in between can read messages and listen to calls – not even WhatsApp itself.

How Auto-Responders Work and Why You Should Use Them

At some point in our online lives, a vast majority of us have obtained an email from an auto-responder. It could have been a short reply allowing you to know that the person is away, or an e-mail saying thanks to you for something that you have done. Perhaps it was even an e-mail allowing you to know about future products, or even an response to something that failed to deliver.

Each one of these situations would have most likely been sent from an auto-responder. These are very useful tools, as they will instantly deliver out a response to any e-mail that they get. The response that they deliver out however, will all rely on the information that you have the system set up with. These e-mail tools are very versatile, and most will hold a variety of pre set information.

The very first were used with e-mail services or e-mail exchange providers. Whenever an e-mail you sent out can’t be sent to the receiver, it would deliver you an automated reaction allowing you to know that your mail can’t be provided. Although these applications were somewhat helpful, they were not all that innovative.

Over the decades, auto-responders have developed quite a bit, showing to be very useful with big organizations and especially nowadays online promotion. These days, they are used by businesses and organizations to provide immediate reactions and reviews to interested customers and members. This could include a reaction about applications, information about costs, specific details regarding a product, and even an occasion that someone from the organization can contact the consumer. They are becoming ever popular with bloggers too with auto responses set up with blog comments and opt in boxes.

In the world of online promotion, remaining in touch with customers is simpler than ever with an auto-responder. They will preserve you quite a bit of your energy and a lot of your time, especially when you think about how long it would take you to individually deliver e-mail reactions to each and every e-mail you get. If you run a huge company, you probably get hundreds of e-mails a day. An auto-responder can make your like simpler, by delivering out a pre-specified concept reaction to each and every e-mail you get auto responder.

You can set one up using either one or two methods – a contracted ASP design and hosting server part design. When using a contracted ASP design, the organization wanting to use the auto-responder with their company will agree through an outside company. This outside company will then provide the organization individual access to a web based system, or individual interface. From the individual interface, the organization or person can set up the auto-responder, pre-specified information, and decide how it will handle the many different kinds of e-mails. To use these facilities, the person or organization will have to pay the company a flat monthly fee.

Server part auto-responders are a bit different. Generally, they are applications that an organization or person sets up themselves and operates it on their own computer or hosting server. You can spend less with these applications, as you don’t have to pay a company to function the auto-responder. Although hosting server part systems were not simple to use in the beginning, they have become simpler and simpler to function over the decades – and are now the most popular type of auto-responder.

In all reality, these e-mail auto-responders are great to have. They are very efficient, and can easily preserve you lots of your energy and time. The way the different kinds perform can be a bit difficult, although most are super simple to use and simple to apply into your website. If you own or run an online company – an auto-responder is something you should never find yourself without.

Trendy Way to Show Your Poker Mania

I heard somebody say that ‘Fashion is an induced scourge’, and on the same lines today we cannot imagine the extent of fashion trends that have been set by clothes and apparels. Trendy t-shirts and fashionable apparels always fascinate youngsters. And the new trend of imprinting your shirts with favourite pictures and images have now become quite common. Following this trend, poker clothing has extended its vast range in handing out numerous poker shirts to the youngsters. So if you are one of such game enthusiast and extremely fond of poker gaming then do not delay! And the worst part is that these shirts are not easily available in the market. Poker clothing is meant for the people who indulge in poker game and know what it feels like playing poker.

Full tilt poker shirts: This range of shirts and t-shirts offer you a superb way to show everyone that you have played at full tilt. You can have a full option of male and female in full tilt poker gear. The interesting part is that not everyone can lay their hands on these shirts. Only the perfect player completing the full tilt game is eligible to earn this poker shirt or other gears. The method is quite simple. You have to play the game and have to complete the full tilt level. You will then earn full tilt poker points known as FPP per every dollar you spend on gaming. And with the exchange of these accumulated points you can purchase your poker clothing, gears and electronics.

Get your pro player’s shirt: You might have seen many poker players wearing full geared poker clothes during their poker tournaments. But nowadays the already used shirts are also in big demand. And since poker clothing has attained acclamation in the tournaments, the company has also launched the online gaming poker giveaways. In other words, you can get your own poker clothes by winning or playing poker online BandarQ.

Some famous and momentous imprints:

  • Ducks poker shirts- It represents the classic play on Got Milk Campaign. Apart from this, you can also get Got Poker Tees as well. And thankfully you can now choose a set of deuce of hearts and deuce of diamonds for your customised shirt. You can also get the different pair of deuce on your poker tees.
  • River rats- So if your are a river rat or have been beaten by the river rat then display this cute looking image of river rats on your tee. You can also get other sarcastic and humorous quotes like ‘Dog Playing Poker’ image for your shirt.
  • Doyle Brunson WSOP hands- Doyle Brunson won the World Series of Poker with ten of spades deuce of hearts as final hand in 1977. Likewise he also made his full house both the times in order to end the championship with the same hands in 1976 WSOP. Consequently, this hand has been named after him and you can also avail this print on your tees.

Apart from all these shirts, poker also offers you their trendy range of hats, caps, card protectors and other accessories. You can have stylish hood shirts, sweat shirts, ringer tees and custom shirt to keep up the poker spirit in you!

Online Casinos: A New Playing Field

The catapulting popularity of online gambling has created a relative global demand for ground-breaking and progressive advances. This has led the industry to evolve in the areas of game releases, promotions and new legislation.

A great variety of entertainment-rich games are released monthly to feed the sophisticated market’s appetite for themed games which cater for different consumer trends and tastes. In recent times, online casinos have added skilled gaming, such as backgammon, as well as multi-player slots and sports or topic-specific betting to their websites. For the player it means a much greater choice than those offered at traditional land-based casinos, such as slots, table games and video poker and the convenience of managing several activities from a single account.

To entice new enthusiasts, promotions are growing larger with ever-increasing fortunes to be won. The world’s first International Casino Games, a six-month event with a 1.5 million US dollars total prize pool, is making online gambling even more tangible. This event, like other casino and poker cruises, integrates the online and offline worlds by holding its grand final on a Caribbean Cruise. Even though cruises are almost synonymous with gambling, the event also addresses the need for players to compete internationally in their favorite games.

Apart from only targeting the huge high-rollers and the senior market, the casinos also allow business savvy entrepreneurs to take advantage of the industry growth through the highly competitive range of affiliate programs. Commission structures of the best choices available include life-long earning potential from acquisitions which are set at approximately forty percent or higher.

Another positive development, following concerns about the difficulty in identifying underage gamblers and monitoring the online gambling environment, is new legislation recently released by the self-regulatory body eCommerce and Online Gaming, Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA). With the new regulations in place, online casinos are to start a massive clampdown on underage and excessive gamblers in an effort to promote more responsible gambling. In the event that there are no home jurisdictions in states where online gambling is acceptable, gamblers will now have to abide by the minimum gambling age rule of eighteen years Agen Sbobet.

The fifty-six online casinos and poker rooms bearing the eCOGRA Seal of Approval will put into practise in-house policies and a comprehensive range of independently enforced requirements that are designed in collaboration with the G4 responsible gambling consortium.

“This initiative is one of the most comprehensive and widespread responsible gambling efforts yet seen in the online gaming industry”, says eCOGRA’s CEO Andrew Beveridge. The regulations effectively bar players who are not eligible to gamble online because of compulsive and excessive behaviour that could be financially damaging to their lives, and this includes players who are too young to gamble.

In this new playing field, it is encouraging to see online casinos taking the lead in protecting and enhancing the enjoyment of responsible players by reinventing themselves and, by so doing, setting credibility and legitimacy as the new industry benchmarks.

Live Cricket Match Takes Fan Into The World Of Real Cricket Spirit

Every cricket fan fervently desires to view live cricket match. Nothing can replace the excitement, thrills and enthusiasm of live cricket match. Live cricket match is of much concern for a fan during any ongoing series or tournaments. Every cricket fan manages to connect with the medium which enables them in viewing live cricket match. The commencement of any series or tournaments compels fan to acquire sources for viewing cricket live. Whatever the medium occur to a fan, but he can’t miss the chance of viewing live cricket.

There can be many sources that enables fan viewing live cricket match. Going to the venue where the match is taking place, second get connected to the live audio commentary and third viewing match on television or Internet. The first cannot be possible for every cricket lover to get, as it requires a lot constraint. He requires resources like money otherwise match be played in same city where a fan is living, and third is quite easy and possible for fan to acquire. Fans can take pleasure of viewing live cricket match on TV. It makes them feel the same excitement and thrills which are going on field. FM and radio presents live commentary of live cricket match. The pleasure of seeing live cricket match is unforgettable moment for fan as it enables them to give live reaction and enjoy collectively.

During any ongoing series and tournaments, the electronic market flourishes as the sale of television and radio and fm sets increases, it is all because of fan’s fever to catch live cricket match and latest updates. Live cricket match leaves some unforgettable moments for fan to remember. Live cricket match enthuses fan to support player or team dogmatically. As every one knows this season is of world cup cricket, die-hard fans are doing their best to get glimpse of live cricket match even in busy hours of theirs Today Match Prediction.

Governments of cricket-associated countries put big arrangement of coverage of live cricket matches. They ensure fans of their country can watch the matches by broadcasting uninterrupted telecast of matches. Many multinational and domestic private companies plunges in sponsoring live coverage of matches, as it happens to be promising deal to earn profits leaps and bounds and to promote company’s name.

Live cricket match boosts cricketers’ spirit too, to play fantastically. They are very conscious about their fans that motivate them to do some wonderful job. Player aspires to satisfy their fans by playing good cricket and making some records. Those moments are memorable for cricket fan as well as for player too. Live cricket match develops immense sympathy in fan’s heart for their favorite team or player.

Live cricket match takes fan to the world of players’ emotional world too. A fan can feel the players’ mental position by viewing live cricket match. Viewing live cricket match means to a fan to put all the things on hold. If we have to take pleasure of cricket, get tuned with live cricket match. Nothing is more exciting then this.

Going to Work in the UK? Tax Refunds Explained

If you’re going to the UK to work it’s important to know a few UK tax facts to make sure you don’t end up losing your money.

When you start work in the UK you need to make sure you give your employer your National Insurance Number so you avoid paying emergency tax – which is much higher than the normal UK tax rates. Your National Insurance Number (NIN) is the unique number allocated to you by the Department for Work and Pension in the UK. It allows you to work, pay taxes and access public services in the UK.

PAYE and Self-employed tax

Once you start working you will need to pay UK tax either as a PAYE employee (if you’re a receptionist, nurse or a teacher for example) or as self-employed person, such as a construction subcontractor.

If you are PAYE your employer should deduct tax from your earnings each time you get paid. If you are self-employed you are responsible for your own UK tax return called a self-assessment tax return. As a self-employed in the UK you can claim back work-related expenses such as work tools, transport and dry cleaning your work uniform.

If you’ve started work already in the UK you will be paying 20% income tax on earnings above £1830 and 40% on any earnings over £36,401.

Claim your UK taxes back

If you do end up on the wrong tax code and overpay tax in the UK, you can claim this money back once you leave the UK or when the tax year ends on April 5th. You have up to six years to claim any overpaid UK tax.

If you want to find out how much you could be owed, you can use a free tax refund calculator.

To claim your UK tax refund, you need to file a tax return. A tax return is the annual submission of tax forms documenting your earnings, taxes paid useful reference, deductable expenses and benefits that you send to the HM Revenue & Customs for review.

From this information it is determined whether you have overpaid tax and are owed a tax refund.

The amount of your UK tax refund depends on factors like:

  • Your earnings
  • Your expenses
  • Whether you worked the whole tax year
  • If you had more than one job at a time or changed jobs
  • Whether you have children
  • If your circumstances changed, eg: you became self-employed
  • If you took a break during or between employments

When choosing a tax return company, we recommend that you select companies which:

  • Are HM Revenue & Customs registered agents
  • Have an office in the UK
  • Can guarantee that your tax refund will be 100% legal and safe

Taxback.com organises tax refunds for non-residents who work in the UK.